Sunday, September 20, 2009

You'd never get it out of the toaster in that shape, anyway

Me and a few friends were hanging out, and someone had a package of Pop Tarts that he, unbelievably, didn't want, as crazy as that sounds. He shouted, "Jump for it!". I looked up to see a foil packet containing two rectangles of deliciousness flying majestically in the air above my head. I jumped. Somebody else jumped higher and smacked it down. I dove. Someone lunged and kicked it across the room. I lunged toward my tasty treat. Someone stomped down and slipped on the packaging, crumbling the pop tarts and putting my delicious snack in contact with the floor and his foot. I snatched the pop tarts out from under his foot. I was victorious. My pop tarts were crumbled and dirty.

I still ate it.



  1. I think that's acceptable. Whatever the Pop Tarts picked up from the dirty ground was probably more nutritious than the Pop Tarts themselves.
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  4. well ya, poptarts are important.